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Painkiller interview with Mick Harris: From the Vault

D.U. interviewed Mick Harris about Scorn back in 1994 (posted on the blog), and took the opportunity to ask about another one of his bands, Painkiller.

D.U.: Are you still doing the Painkiller thing?

Harris: Yeah, we just done a new record. Itís titled Execution Ground, and itíll be cominí out on Subharmonic Records, which is through Caroline in America. We recorded it two months ago, so itís got a pretty quick three-month turnaround, which is really good news, and itís a double pack; itíll be cominí out as two CDs. And what can I say? Itís Painkiller, we just took it further, and I think itís the best thing weíve done so far.

What do you mean when you say you took it further?

We just took it further, yíknow what I mean. Itís like, weíve just brought in a lot more ideas, and weíve just really fucked it up. Weíve just took it even further than what it is. Itís still 100% improvised; this time we just also did some loop tracks as well, where we actually looped drum patterns, threw it in, and then jammed again on top of that. So itís stillóeverything is improvised, yíknow what I mean, thereís nothing really worked out. OK, the loops are worked out: youíve got to obviously record them, youíve got to sample them, loop them up, throw Ďem on a sequencer, and then record Ďem back to tape.

It only took two days to record again, it was just an in-and-out procedure, and it worked. Itís a spontaneous effort from all three of us, with Oz the engineer, because, really, as far as Iím concerned, Painkillerís a four-way effort. Without Oz, the sound engineer, who goes out live with us and has done all the records so far, it wouldnít be Painkiller. Iím really excited with this new record. Itís nice, weíve just took it further, and itís interesting. Itís Painkiller; thatís all I can say. Itís a mixture of the first two records with a lot of new stuff thrown into it.

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